Thank God-- Proud to be Indonesian, yey :$$


I Love AVX %%

How lovely, 
Anggi made this wonderful simple words that really had a deep meaning :')


Boredom Freedom, TRY THIS!!!!

GAME RULES: Using only song names from ONE ARTIST, cleverly answer these questions. Pass it on to 15 people you like and include me. Try not to repeat a song title. It's a lot harder than you think.
++Pick Your Artist: The Strokes
++Are you male or female: Modern Girls
++Describe yourself: Under Control
++How do you feel about yourself: The Modern Age
++Describe where you currently live: Hawaii
++Your favorite form of transportation: Hard To Explain
++Your best friend is: .........I Wish I Had (LOL)
++Your favorite color is: Evening Sun
++What's the weather like: Clear Skies
++Favorite time of day: 12:51
++If your life was a TV show, what would it be called: Vision Of Division
++What is life to you: Between Love And Hate 
++What is the best advice you have to give: Run Run Run!
++If you could change your name, what would it be: Soma
++Your favorite food is: Juicebox
++Thought for the Day: You Only Live Once
++How I would like to die: Automatic Stop
++My soul's present condition: Heart In A Cage
++My motto: This End Has No End


140 Charactes to Messed Up With-- Twitter

  1. //You dare me to apologize, why should i? You're the one that overreacted, it's all up to you and i dont care. RT @ditanaraswari: Fckoyu Ξ ▲
  2. Sleep Sleep Peels% Bye 24 hours tweeting people!!



I love them!!!! They're colorful as much as a watermelon, yum ;p I adore the boots on the first picture above, it's really  nice and pretty.....flowering~  Lovely!
*MARC BY MARC JACOBS; Wonderful, as always*


Random; Paris Street Style

Oh just how do i love paris...
~ the guys were friggin hot, in the better way of course
~ the couples there; lovely! 
~ the shoes are even more lovely :$$$$$
~ and the little parisian girl who brought the Channel shopping bag is just too cute!!!!
Can you flight me to paris like about....now, mom?



Hope you enjoy your brand new days!!
31 years old----- Quite old, but who cares? Not me :9






Averla Sixeras.
Ooh and the video really went well, the responses are more than i thought!! Teehee .It's all really okay we made the video until midnight or even until morning with just 2 hours sleep ;p Because it's really that worth it hihi
Satisfaction Meter: G-O-O-D.
Though we have some fun too while making it, Esp. when shouting "RIZKY HANGGONO" while he get home..? rofl. And P.S.: It's no need to say good-bye, AVX..

Because, We Made It AVX.


I Changed My URL Into: gyttropemnost.blogspot.com, Relink Please

So, instead we were (we?) just do the dream-day with electrodreamzone, 
How about going on real with Gyttropemnost..


Britain's (Really) Got Talent

CONNIE TALBOT--> SHE'S SO DAMN CUTE. And really, she's got talent for sure. 6 years old? Darn it.

SUSAN BOYLEEEEEEEEEE [link]. My favorite, but so sorry that i just can give you the link, can't embed the video, idky. Ooh and P.S., Look at the audience's first impression, they considered her trifling.

Recent: went to Petris's and watch 'Korean Drama' Indonesian Version at pim, HAHAHA rofl.



OH MY GOD TIMES THREE. I want it so bad that i can even cry for this awesome shoes. 
Launch: 1st June 2009 (Estimated)


The Clique Movie

Recent: watched The Clique Movie already. Finally oh God, western movie aha, though it's been a very long time since that i keep on watching Asian Drama. Kind of frustrating anyway, but in a good way of course :p FYI FYI FYI Shophie Anna Everhard has been given the role of Dylan Marvil (which is really suits on her), she's so damn pretty ooh. But just believe it or not, they were only 12 at the movie...well pathetic, but i still admit it that they were really awesome and GOR-GE-OUS.


Recent; School Final Exam

Word to word: "First Day; It's Religion and Civics School Final Exam. Too bad, i can't handle a thing :(((( Even worse, i really can't do my Religion Essay, one thing i probably filled it right; My name. 
              Second Day; Educational Environment of Jakarta and Social Sciences. S-M-O-O-T-H. But Social Sciences wasn't really that smooth for me, especially the Essay thing wtf. And the worst......i answered the easiest question: 'PDI' (wrong) instead of 'PPP' (right).
             Last Day;  Art & Culture and Technology of Information And Communication. Last day ppl :)))) But it's just going worst as usual. Art & Culture was easy though. But i don't know why, i can't answered it appropriately. It was like, someone has changed my full brain with a fucking shit for a second and than he/she turned it back into my real brain (no no, my real brain is not a shit) ;p And for Technology of Information And Communication, whoa just broaden my chest<--rofl?"
Recent: HOLIDAY++ Watching I Am Sam and Lovely Complex Movie, hah okay i know i didn't keep my word on my previous 'Grass' post, more East Asia things up for the holiday ;p


Most Wanted Books (Me.Want.Those)

Word to word : "I just found out that almost everyone is getting in a relationship. Like in Facebook, some girls might be in a relationship with some other guys, most of it is really enviable for me. Other than Facebook, in some Blogs, they're post something about their relationship things. It's nothing for me first....but to be honest, i envy them ;o Come on, when is it my turn? How about me? Am i that 'Untitled'? I don't wanna live along with this cheesy status i had ;((((( "
Okay, better for now we're just going up with the main topic.
+INFLUENCE, by MK&Ashley Olsen

+STREET: The Nylon Book of Global Style, by Nylon Magz

+One Hundred and One Things to Do, by Kesselskramer

+WICCAN SPELL KIT (contains book, smudging wand, mini broom, lavender oil, crystal & pentacle), by Knight, Sirona

+PLAY: The Nylon Book of Music, by Nylon Magz

+Fashion Mix and Match Stationary, by Andy Warhol

+Punk Rock Fun Time Activity Book, by Aye Jay

Oh and, in case if you're wondering about my header thing, i changed it. I got it from nylon. I have no skill at creativity, so i just uploading pictures from the internet. And if you realized, there's stick notes on that picture said "Watch this! Get more weird science on NYLON TV at myspace.com/nylonmagazine." and "Myspace.com/wearescientists" but whatsoever just ignores it :p Really, no offense guys, this is not a promotion, i just can't erase those sticky notes :))
Recent: watching BBF again now hee ;p I'm getting bored with study at all


Nikicio, One and a Half

Find her, here and here
Recent: I've already finished BBF, finally yes. I probably watch it again from episode 1-25, i told you it's good to get yourself spending time with it. Study again now, i guess.


How Pathetic I Am? Slothful.

Okay, i fibbed on my previous post. I just can't stop enjoy on watching it. Well, pathetic i guess. 


"To grow a good grass, you need a weed. And you don't want my son be fertilized with your bad weed, right?"
You know Meteor Garden, don't you? Teeheee 
You must've watched it, almost everyone watched it though. I remember the time i cried, years ago, when i didn't watch even just one episode of it, rofl. And it's like, two weeks ago, i laughed for the reason why i cried for that movie. And now....I'm addicted to that Meteor Garden things, the Korean version one hee ;p. I don't know why, but for this week, watching that Boys Before Flower Serial is one of my daily routines. It's fun you know, though i haven't watch Asian Drama since the first one i watched; Meteor Garden, so i decided to go for the second one with this Boys Before Flowers Serial. What? Oh the third one? i don't know, i don't really like East Asia that much, like what i said, I've only watched Meteor Garden and BBF for East Asian things, but maybe i'll go for Full House next time haha. But, really, Boys Before Flowers is way way way more amusing than Meteor Garden. That drama serial one is so breathtaking, and i laughs much at this thing. Whenever the tawdry scenes turns up, i laughed but yet i've got my eyes stuck on it. Seriously, this drama series is worth it to spend your time with, whenever you get bored. FYI, i've already reached the 21st episode ehe hee. OH other than that, at least three of the F4 member are good looking enough, especially Goo Joon Pyo, he is Tao Ming Tse Korean Version; And Yi Jung, really charming, cool, yet good looking too, oh god, he is...Um i forgot his name in Meteor Garden; Woo Bin is okay though, he is Vanness Wu.....Or whatever they call him in Meteor Garden, i forgot; Ji Hoo, nah, he's too 'glodok' to be Wa Tje Lei, and sure, Wa Tje Lei is more cooler than Ji Hoo. And one more thing i hate about Meteor Garden is Shan Chai, she's annoying, Geum Jan Di does more delighter and friendlier than Shan Chai did. So i prefer BBF than Meteor Garden for sure.
Recent: BBF is being a what-so-in thing nowadays in my school. Lmao, it's funnnn eee hee ;p

Okay, let's finished it now, i don't wanna be a bigger fan of BBF than before haha. So i guess i'll end up my watching time now and go study for tomorrow. 


Words, Knowledgeable

You know there are many words, phrases, or even idioms exist in this universe, and you can't really judge someone copycating your things which you call it "your speciality" if it's all about words. Words, you can probably found many people are using the same words, same things, because similar ideas or even writing styles is possible to found everywhere. So, you can't just call it 'your words', words are anybody's.
Don't even dare yourself to feel like you're the one and only rascal that using those things, or even called yourself 'an inspiration'.


U.R.A Fever

U.R.A fever
U.R.A fever
Ya ain't born typical


(Another) UAN

Well, UAN is going to be my next macabre thing and oh wtf it's a day after tomorrow. My current goal for UAN is to get 39.8 for my NEM, but you know i am too slothful to study for UAN. So how come? I mean like, can i reach my goal if i am a lazybones? Of course i can. Like every teacher said "There is nothing you can't do, even if it's about your 'NEM 40' goal. Let us do the best and god do the rest", bla bla bla and so on. I've already do everything i can do, but i still got the feeling of guilty. Maybe it's about my fault to you all, or maybe it's about my...ehem, my debt HAHA. So please forgive me for all my fault, and please amortize (my debt) for a week, well at least after UAN and i will pay all my debt off (Insyaallah haha). So Folks, wish me luck for my National FInal Exam.
Good luck for me, AVX, and Indonesia ($
And last, I hope that i can study well without any laziness things; I can do my UAN collectedly; I can answer every question appropriately; I Scored 10.00 for Science (Physic and Biology), Math, English, and Bahasa; I am Labschool Kebayoran Senior High School Student! God please make it all happen.

* I actually wrote this on 25 april 2009


{I Want...} List

want list
Yeah, which brings us to... Your Mission; to bring me these kissable things <3
Uh especially that green one, Nintendo DSi!


Current Mood; Bored, Yet Dancing

I saw him dancin' there by the record machine 
I knew he must 'a been about seventeen 
The beat was going strong 
Playin' my favorite song 
An' I could tell it wouldn't be long 
Till he was with me, yeah me 
You show us everything you've got
You keep on dancin' and the room gets hot
You drive us wild, we'll drive you crazy
You say you wanna go for a spin
The party's just begun, we'll let you in
You drive us wild, we'll drive you crazy
You keep on shoutin', you keep on shoutin'



Ulala, i am his BIG HUGE FAN. really. really. REALLY.
He is my celebrity crush oh my o;
I mean, look at his handsomeness, really british. And he's got a perfect brown hair, a perfect lips, and really perfect cheekbones. Oooo if i were Alexa Chung......i will pray all day, all time to show my grateful to God.

Just, look at that perfect couple........their sweetness is really enviable. 



you know

i'm hiding around here somewhere
where any other bodies can't see me
i'm hiding inside a box, huge box 
where there is Fuckerland
and y'ret, i fuck-ed up my self this morning
but everything just going fine
it seems like no one even realized it
no one even care about me 
because i am not an earth-ies

really, i'm hiding in Fuckerland
i live my life with it
and sure, i'll ended up in Fuckerland.

Ujian Akhir NASIONAL

Hell yeahhhh, bentar lagi UAN!!! semingguan lagi, gue ulang ya, satu mingguan lagi. gue belom merasakan deg2annya sih, tapi ya tapi pasti ada-laaah rasa cemas lalalala itu. mana...harus digaris bawahi, kalo gue belom mendapatkan sekolah kawan2kuuu ;o bukannya gue tenang2 aja ya, tapi mau gmn lagi swasta udah ga ada yang buka meeeen!! gue cuma bisa nunggu waiting list, atau pilihan terakhir; negri (dan kalo nem gue bagus). gue tawakkal deh, semoga ada nomor gue yang indah menawan itu di kertas pengumuman "Calon Siswa Labschool Kebayoran Tahun Ajaran 2009/2010" tanggal 17 nanti Amin Ya Rabbal Allamin. eeeeehe sekarang lagi ulum, mending belajar fisika sama TIK daripada mengingat2 UAN ;;;;o

Ulum? lumayanlah booow walaupun nilainya sama semua.. tapi mattttt gue menargetkan dapet 70 eh 6 soal gue ngasal bener semua jadi 82.5 :)))) wuaw faktor hoki tetap ada, nak

Kalo pelajaran hari ini? jangan ditanya deh ya, walaupun belom ada hasilnya tapi gue 100% optimis...remediallll yuhu!! apalagi agama, ma-ti-a-ja



nomor bagus? ha ha ha sepertinya tidak dan gue ngga keterima.. 

daaaaa labsky!!!!!


14-16 TO UAN

hmm hell-yeah, it's TO UAN and it just remembering me more about UAN; um oh thanks for that??? gees


Power Point Web Page!

penasaran gmn cara bikin web dari power point? hmm ini langkah2nya :
1. pilih dan klik start, Microsoft office, dan pilih Microsoft Power Point

2. buka file yang telah anda buat dengan cara; klik file, open, pilih file

3. tunggu beberapa saat sampai muncul file anda

4. klik file, save as web page

5. tunggu beberapa saat dan akan keluar box save as

6. ganti pilihan pada box save as type menjadi web page (*.htm; *.html) dan klik save

dan power point anda pun sudah akan tampil dalam bentuk web page!
maaf karena tidak dapat menampilkan gambar dikarenakan laptop yang tidak bisa print screen


Sony Ericsson T303

guess what, i bought my new cellphone. it's SE T303 heehee;

hm hmm basically, i love it. especially for the phone design. it's gorgeous. 
but there's many negative sides of this cellphone hhhh. 
and the worst is...........it's screen has a low number of pixels khukhu i hate it



Year Book Photoshoot

sooooo, it's been a very very long time guys since my last post. it's like um........one year? ha-ha

so the thing is; i'm going to Kota Wisata cibubur to do 9A's year book photo shoot teeheeeeee! i am really exiteddddd! i'm wearing italian traditional costume for the photo shoot, and the gown is very veryyyyyy pretty. fiuhhhh haha

okay, so bye!!!!!